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I Feel Like Dancing" on BBC Introducing

On the 10th December 2016 Albert's track "I FEEL LIKE DANCING", from "NOTHING OF NOTHING MUCH", was played on BBC Introducing London.
"The emphasis on new and emerging talent, this is singer-songwriter Albert Man" – Gary Crowley

Albert Man on BBC Introducing London

The video for "I Feel Like Dancing" premiered on Gigslutz

Go on a tour of the Grand Cru and find out more about the recording session

Live at The Borderline

Albert Man live at The Borderline in London whist supporting Ham Sandwich on their tour.

Live on BBC Radio

"A brilliant singer-songwriter"

Tony Fisher, Head of Music - BBC Radio Essex

Interview & Live session

Listen to Albert Man's interview on BBC Radio Essex with presenter and Head of Music Tony Fisher on the 1st September 2016. There are also 2 songs which were played live in the studio: "You Had Me At Hello" and "Diamond In The Rough"

Cheap Suit

THE ALBUM : 23.05.2015

OUT NOW on iTunes, Google Play and Spotify as well as on 12" vinyl (comes with digital download) and CD.

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BBC Radio

"An incredible singer-songwriter. Very very talented indeed."

"Cheap Suit, it's a wonderful wonderful album. Something we've thoroughly enjoyed today."

Ady Dayman - BBC Radio Leicester

Listen to the full interview

Cheap Suit official videos

Skimming Stones

Track 4 from CHEAP SUIT. Video by Albert Man.

Footage taken from old VHS and Hi8 video tapes.
“Engages from the first beat, demanding attention, driving along, then whipping in a quick change of tempo to keep the listener on their toes." – Angry Baby


Track 5 from CHEAP SUIT. Video by Keir Siewert.

Featuring Oliver Malam and Poppy Abbott.
"With a combination of stunning vocals and a joyous melody running right through it, Heartbeats is a real treat" – Alternative Friday

Cheap Suit

Title track from CHEAP SUIT. Video by Albert Man.

"This song achieves the unusual feat of being gorgeous, real, organic, underground … at the same time as being musically complete, flawlessly performed and produced, immaculate even – inherently commercial" – Stereo Stickman

Slam the Brakes On EP

Albert Man's latest EP "Slam the Brakes On" is “a bit special, to say the least” according Liverpool-based blog GETINTOTHIS and is available to buy from multiple online retailers.


  1. True Romance   3:03
  2. Voicemail   3:02
  3. No Strings Attached   3:40
  4. Hit & Run   3:25

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Available now

Slam the Brakes On

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